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i-save i-save from Berlin/Germany is specialized in development, design and production of eco-friendly and efficient LED technology for industrial and commercial surroundings.

LED luminaries and components: B2B and CM

From its office in Berlin, i-save offers prefabricated LED lighting solutions for commercial buildings such as production halls and similar, but as well operates as an ODM/OEM in the field of LED lighting technique and electronic components.
On behalf of well-known LED suppliers, we develop and manufacture product components, prototypes and ready for series production luminaires and lamps based on existing solutions or as new developments according to our client`s specifications.

LED luminaries from Berlin and Asia - a dual success story

Since the first development of LED prototypes in 2007, i-save combines the advantages of two different regions in the world: the convenient production conditions in asia and compliance with the highly european standards, ensured from the Berlin office.
A few years after the turn of the millennium, as the potential of the LED technique got recognizable, i-save was founded in Berlin by means of a worldwide operating investor from Hong Kong.
Product development, design and marketing are „Made in Germany“. In Berlin, engineers and designers work on satisfying every customers need.
The production of the LED luminaires takes place in our own facilities in the south of china. There, technical products are produced since 1969 for leading global player like Bosch, Emerson Electric, Schneider Electric, NEC Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Toyota and Qantas Airways. Our thereby gained experience heat dissipation and the manufacturing of plastic components is one of the reasons of the technological lead of i-save LED luminaires.
i-save LED solutions are mainly distributed in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Japan.

LEDs from i-save: committed and awarded

plus x award and Industriepreis 2014

We at i-save love it to find solutions for our customers, that can only be reached with passion. That we succeed in this was proven by getting the plus x award and the „Industriepreis 2014“, the winning price for optical technologies in the german industry.

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From development to the finished product - i-save offers everything from a single source

 From development to the finished product - we offer everything from a single source.