LED and heat dissipation

Why does i-save LED lamps bring so much power by using less energy? The answer is relativly simple but surprising. The secret of i-save energy products is the predominance of their cooling technology. The result of producing power supplies since more than 40 years. 

ApoluxLED is the first lamp of its power class that was devoloped for the use of LED. Other producers often use light fixtures they have built for other technologies. Their lamps are not optimized for LED.

To bring their full power, LEDs should not be heated needlessly. If they become too warm they don’t reach their normal durability and justify the investement. 

i-save energy optimized the cooling including the use of rows of aluminum ribs and the physical separation of cut-in unit and lamp. Thus i-save products guarantee the high power use 24/7 without demaging the LEDs. 

  • Different systems for heat dissipation

     Different systems for heat dissipation 

The supirior technology of i-save energy lamps provides unequalled efficiency. It just brings more light to the floors of halls and work spaces. You reduce the energy input extremly and raise safety, quality and effectiveness at every working place. 

  • Thermal image of ApoluxLED

    Thermal image of ApoluxLED

LED and heat dissipation