High Bay ApoluxLED 198

  • Fixtures from the ApoluxLED series have been developed especially for the latest generation of LEDs. They offer a crucially higher light quality with significantly better energy efficiency for high bay lighting. The visible light experience is more contrasty.

    As a result of protection class IP65, the Apolux LED can be applied in outdoor areas such as loading docks. The bracket at the upper side of the fixture, in the version FX, allows direct mounting on wall or ceiling. That enables an easy adjustment.

    The Apolux LED fixtures are available in different specifications in order to cover a wide range of applications with ceiling heights between six and 20 meters. In addition to the various beam angles of 40°, 75° and 100° the fixtures are available with different color temperatures from 4000 to 6000 K.

    By installing the ApoluxLED the operating and maintenance costs of the high bay lighting will be minimized long term. Due to the ideal passive heatsink, the life span of the LEDs as well as the electronic control system are extended significantly.

    After a maturity of 50,000 hours, the light output of the LED fixture decreases by only 20%. In direct comparison to gas discharge lamps and T8 fluorescent tubes, the superiority of ApoluxLED is expressed by a usually three times longer life span and a superior energy efficiency of up to 75% (138 lm/W) with consistent lux values ​​on the working surface.

    In addition to the high lux value, the good color rendering ensures improved workspace conditions as well. The light output of the LED lamp can be dimmed continuously via a 1-10 V dimming interface. Besides the use of presence sensors is possible.


    LED Category: LED High Bay
    Mounting: suspended installation
    Weight: 9,8 kg
    Dimensions ∅ x H: 430 x 312 mm
    Voltage: 100-260 V, 50/60 Hz
    Operating temperature: -40°C...+50°C
    Angle: 40°, 75°, 100°
    Power: 198 W
    Luminous Flux: 23.679 - 27.441 Lumens
    Color rendering: Ra >80
    Luminous efficiency: up to 138 lm/W
    Life (L80): 50,000 hours
    Light color: cool white
    Color temperature: 5000 K (4000 K, 6000 K on request)
    Housing: RAL 7043, Traffic Grey B / Pantone 625C, silver (black, white or other colors on request)
    Protection class: I
    IP rating: IP65
    Power Supply: Mean Well Certifications:
    Note: built-in, automatic linear dimming function (optional)
    Energy Efficiency Class: A++