Sustainable Lighting

Sustainability means to respect environmental, social and economic points equitable. This claim can be reached by using LED technology. 

LEDs have the same property like usual light systems, but they save the environment and reduce the energy input up to 90%.

Light and Sustainability

Wellness of men is the purpose for planning lighting. But also aspects of ecology and the costs for investment and operation act a central part in planning lighting sustainable.
With modern technology you can save energy and reduce the CO2 output easily. And last but not least the costs of investment will be amortized quickly.

All over the world 19% of the consumption of energy gets into lighting. In Europe it’s 14%, therefrom 20% in private households.
To produce the needed energy power plants often burn oil, gas or coal evaporating CO2. This has the well-known negative impact on our climate.
The recent climate conferences set objectives which only be achieved by reducing the consumption in the EU by 20% till 2020.

The efficient use of lighting, like the use of LED technology, makes it easy to reduce the consumption of energy in the lighting sector by at least 80%.

Enviromental responsibility

For us ecological awareness means in the first place that we think about what we do with our world. That’s why we run programs that reduce the energy use, avoid trash and – this is the main point – sensitise our employees to ecological aspects.
Beyond that all our products are certified to the ISO 14001:2009 eco-management-norm and respect the RoHS-standards.