Quality management

At i-save energy nothing comes out of the blue. We always tend to the best possible quality. Our certifications are the foundation for the quality standards we are acting upon.

i-save energy comes with a network of 1.300 specialists, among them more than 30 engineers, for the development of new products and 30.000 m² of production space. We sell our products to each continent of the world.

Our engineers have a longtime experience in developing and building power supply units. They optimally know how to handle the problem of heat abstraction between electronic components. 
This brings an unpayable advance for our customers and is the main condition to guarantee the long term use of our LED solutions. 
To offer the best price-performance ratio for our customers, i-save energy buys its LEDs directly from the producer.


All our production facilities are certified to the quality management norms ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949 (for production in the car industry) and ISO 14001:2009 for environmental standards.

We produce all needed plastic, metal and electronic components in our own production sites. So we can reach the highest quality standards and offer the best price for our customers. 
All our products are certified and relate to the CE, UL and RoHS standards