LED Beleuchtung für Innebereiche wie z.B. Einkaufszentren

Networks and partners

LED lighting is rapidly evolving. Therefore, it is important for i-save to be in contact with the appropriate persons. At the same time, we allow our partners to participate in our knowhow about LED lighting. We inform regularly about the current state of the art of LED technology in corporate networks and initiatives for energy efficiency.

i-save is a member of

Logo Berliner Netzwerk E

15 companies work together the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The network is managed by the „Berliner Energieagentur“.

Logo MHW

This business federation was founded 1991 under the motto „together successful“ by several companies from Marzahn.
It`s an association which has set itself the task of representing the interests of companies and freelancers towards responsible decision-makers from politics and industry.

Logo Cluster Optik

The transnationally operating „Cluster Optik“ was developed within the framework „innoBB“ (Berlin-Brandenburg Strategy for Innovations) with the goal to gain access to resources like knowledge or capital for companies and research facilities - on local as well as on an international level.

Cluster Energietechnik

In order to support and push the cross-national innovation process in the future field of energy technology, the „Cluster Energietechnik“ was founded early 2011 by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. A team of specialists bundle the competences of the region around the capital and link experts of economy, politics, science and the public authorities.

National and international focus on LED technology from Berlin

Logo Energieeffizienz made in germany

Local personal contacts open up markets. They facilitate the comprehension of specific needs and conditions for the use of LED. Therefore, i-save regularly participates in events of the „Exportinitiative Energieffizienz“ (initiative for exporting energy efficiency from germany), the IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) and AHK (chamber of industry and commerce for foreign countries), as well as in international trade shows.