Professional planning for energy efficient lighting concepts

Light and lighting have become a much discussed topic, as the lighting is essential for the welfare of the people. On top of that a correct lighting also creates security and determines the performance of people.

When planning lighting in buildings, our lighting planners focus essentially on the EN 12464-1 standard. The standard regulates how much light is required, how it is spread and how the glare is limited.

We can advise you on your project and provide you with a free professional lighting planning for your next project. If necessary we can agree and provide test-samples and on-site consulting.

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For its own LED lighting design, i-save energy uses the software of "Relux Informatik AG" and "DIAL GmbH". You can download the software RELUX and DIALux here:

Relux Download

DIALux Download

Lighting design is important.

Lighting design – a requirement for the effective use of LED