LED Beleuchtung für Innebereiche wie z.B. Einkaufszentren

Product requirements

Development of LED solutionsDevelopment of LED solutions

Discuss your product requirements in detail with our Berlin office. We will take care of everything else, from development to prototyping, as well as one-off or series production. We normally need eight to 30 weeks to create prototypes.
Thanks to a comprehensive market overview, i-save can provide partners with LED luminaires that match or exceed those of the competitors in terms of technical lighting quality.  

By designing our own LED chips and thanks to a separate agreement with a phosphorus supplier, i save is in a position to use highly efficient chips without violating any licence terms.

At i-save, we can develop, certify and manufacture LED luminaire as an OEM/ODM service provider to meet the customer’s requirements and expectations in full.

Naturally enough, we can adapt the packaging and design of the LED luminaires to the partner’s corporate Idendity.

Industry solutions and lighting control systemsIndustry solutions and lighting control systems

Industry solutions and lighting control systems

We can also develop industry-specific LED lighting solutions, e.g. for the food or chemical industry, at any time.
Likewise, we can develop and manufacture lighting control systems for DALI and 0-10 V. In addition, i-save also markets solutions for wireless lighting control for 0-10 V LED technology.

Development of solutions for light distributionDevelopment of solutions for light distribution

Development of solutions for light distribution

Special lenses and other optically active components allow the targeted distribution of the light that is emitted. Without this targeted distribution, the use of LEDs in such applications as street lighting or high-bay warehouses would often make no sense.

i-save develops suitable lenses and manufactures these as prototypes or in series. Production is carried out with the factory’s own injection moulding machines. This way, short-term changes can be made or prototypes developed for test purposes.

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