LED Beleuchtung für Innebereiche wie z.B. Einkaufszentren

Other ODM/OEM services

In addition to LED lamps and luminaires, other electro-technical components and tools are developed and manufactured at the plants in Shenzhen and Taishan. We will help you realize your design quickly and economically.

From prototyping to one-off and serial production, we plan, develop and produce transformers up to 2kVA, as well as coils, chokes and other electronic components on CNC machines, according to your requirements.

Manufacturing of transformers and other electronic componentsManufacturing of electronic components

For this purpose, we have at hand experienced engineers and the very latest machinery for tool and die-making at our factory. Special surface treatment is carried out by blasting, painting, anodizing and electroplating the workpieces.  

We have many years of experience in the field of plastic injection moulding with PC, ABS, PP, PBT and other plastics.

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