Wireless lighting control system for optimum efficiency

LED lighting reduces energy and maintenance costs. LED lighting which is controlled by intelligent lighting control increases efficiency to the optimum.


i-save lighting control

The i-save lighting control system is wireless and modular and can be adjusted to requirements on site.
i-save offers the ideal combination of high-efficiency LED lights and a wireless lighting control system, which is designed for industrial environments.
This is what efficiency of 4.0 from a single source looks like.

We handle the planning, estimating, programming and commissioning of your new lighting system in connection with your purchase of i-save LED luminaires.

Wireless lighting control for LED

The components of your i-save lighting control system


Luminaires which are fitted with the i-save control tool can be connected with other luminaires and the sensor modules. The result is a network that allows you smart lighting control, and in which different groups of luminaires can be controlled separately.

Network components can be up to 100 m apart.
You can integrate all devices that are equipped with an i-save control tool in your network.

Sensor modules

i-save offers you three different sensor modules that can be integrated into one or more lighting groups.
This is how you can respond effectively to the actual lighting needs in your business.

Drahtlose Lichtsteuerung

PIR Sensor
A PIR sensor is an infrared presence detector. It allows the automatic control (on/off, or desired lux value) of your lighting system and thus provides much improved energy efficiency.

Light sensor

The light sensor measures the current lighting situation in the room. The i-save module controls dimming of the LED luminaires depending on the daylight.

Switch/button & dimmer
If you do decide to intervene manually, you can do so with the i-save switch. It passes your desired setting on to the luminaires wirelessly.

Software & USB-Dongle

The i-save lighting control system is set up using a USB wireless dongle and the i-save lighting control software. Luminaires, sensors and other devices are assigned, managed and grouped via the software. After setting up, the luminaires and sensors work completely independently. A computer, tablet or smartphone is NOT needed to operate them!

  • Many benefits at a glance

    • • Wireless light control controls your lighting system for you automatically, depending on daylight and presence.

    • • You get wireless lighting control without expensive interventions in the building structure and without cable chaos.

    • • Save up to 96% of your previous lighting energy.

    • • Achieve 100% stepless dimming (with other lighting technologies such as HQI lamps, however, only max. 50%).

    • • You always get the lux values you need supplied automatically.

    • • Extend the service life of your lights.

    • • Reduce maintenance costs.

    • • You can use the i-save lighting control system even in inaccessible places.

    • • You will receive full service, including personal advice and remote maintenance.
  • What makes the i-save lighting control system so special?

    • • Simple, wireless installation

    • • Autonomous operation after configuration - no device is required for ongoing operation

    • • Licence-free use in the 2.4 GHz band

    • • Freedom from interference even alongside other wireless networks

    • • High security concept

    • • Choice of various sensor modules

    • • Use with Microsoft Windows 7 & 8, as well as Linux

    • • Quick and easy adjustment for changes in the lighting system

Comparison of energy consumption

Energy-savings through LED lighting control

Due to the massive savings by using the wireless control system in conjunction with i-save LED lights, the ROI is drastically shortened.
Despite minor additional investment.