i-save PlusLED - T8 LED tubes

LED tubes from i-save easily replace the inefficient t8 fluorescent tubes, which are used in many companies to this day.

Besides a brilliant color reproduction, the on the LED-tube market matchless luminous efficiency of 127 lumens per watt and the constant power in hot and cold surroundings, i-save LED tubes convince with a large range of different lengths and light colours. Usually, the tubes operate with 230V alternating current (AC). Alternatively they can be used with 230V direct current (DC), as used in emergency lighting systems.

i-save LED tubes are turnable by 90° to both sides after installation to g13-sockets. The modifiable beam direction of the tubes provides additional flexibility. Due to this this feature, i-save LED tubes work very well for the lighting of big areas with only one tube.

LED tubes from i-save are perfectly suited for the use as ceiling or wall fixtures in the context of industrial lighting solutions. Thanks to their efficiency and lifespan, switching from old fluorescent tubes to i-save LED tubes is worthwhile within a minimum of time.

Available in various luminous packages, i-save LED tubes allow the exact adaption of the lighting to the local needs. In addition to that, the usage of special materials prevents the visibility of the glowing LEDs. The overall picture of the tube is more homogenous in comparison to market-based LED tubes.

LED tubes from i-save accomplish all european quality and safety standards.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about i-save LED tubes and our service of free lighting design.

LED Tubes T8